Istanbul 03/2014

Incl. Few days after death of Berkin Elvan (January 5, 1999 – March 11, 2014) was a 15-year-old Turkish boy who was hit on the head by a tear-gas canister fired by a police officer in Istanbul while out to buy bread for his family during the June 2013 anti-government protests in Turkey. He died on March 11, 2014, following a 269-day coma.

Upcoming local elections on 30 March 2014.

Incl. Rumeli Hisarı - Rumeli Fortress; Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam - İslam Bilim ve Teknoloji Tarihi Müzesi; Burgazada, Fenerbahçe; Sapphire Tower; Sapphire Wax Museum - Sapphire Balmumu Müzesi; Naval Museum - Deniz Müzesi; Barış Manço Evi - Barış Manço Museum.