Enghien Edingen 08/2017

9 August 2017
First outlined in the 15th century under Pierre of Luxembourg, the Enghien park became a mere two centuries later, the crowning jewel of lordly estates, under the patronage of the family of Arenberg. Around the old 11th century feudal castle, this park of 182 hectares combines water elements, pavilions, statues and undergrowth.
Beyond the “Court d’honneur”, the Flower garden represents a perfect example of an enclosed Italian Renaissance style garden. Next to it is the Rose garden which has 50 rose species, including the famous “Austin rose”. The European Dahlia Conservatory is also enriched with new varieties each year.
The park’s wide paths lead your steps towards the canal, where nautical jousts used to be held, or towards the Chinese pavilion, listed as a major Walloon heritage site.
Built on the highest point of the park, the incredible Pavilion of Seven Stars allows you to enjoy “one of the most beautiful views in the world”. Surrounded by undergrowth and a perfectly symmetric Baroque garden, one used to reach it by a foldaway staircase.
Set near the mill’s pond, the Empain castle has kept beautiful reception halls decorated in various styles such as Egyptian, Chinese, etc. …
In the twists and turns of small paths, the park will continue to amaze you with its many sculptures, its ponds and fountains, its stables and last but not least the chapel treasure.